Halloween Movie Costumes to Dress Up as in 2019

Autumn is drawing in and there’s only one event in the calendar that’s on the mind – and it’s our favourite! Get into the spirit of Halloween and dress up! Are you lacking inspiration for your spooky your wardrobe this year? We’ve put together a list of Halloween movie costumes released in 2019 that are sure to be scary and iconic!

The Addams Family

With a new animated adventure releasing this year, we’re here to deliver you Addams family costumes for the whole family! These gothic and relatable outcasts hold a place in pop culture forever. Many of us relate to their cynical sayings and quotes on the daily. Choose a hilarious outfit like our Cousin Itt or Morticia Addams costume. How about the rest of the family, for example, Gomez, Wednesday and Uncle Fester? Halloween movie costumes have never been so spooky, ‘ooky and altogether kooky!

A group of people wearing Addams Family Costumes.

Chucky from Child’s Play

Yes, you heard it right. The Good Guys doll gone bad is back again in 2019 with a brand new remake. With a story refresh including the introduction of ‘Buddi’ connecting to a smartphone, this story is now more frightening. The 2019 storyline is very much the same, and this Chucky doll still has the iconic blue dungarees and striking ginger hair. We’ve got an updated selection of Chucky costumes for men and women, including a mask! Time to play!

Man and woman wearing blue and red Chucky Halloween Movie costumes.

The Joker

Joaquin Phoenix will hit the big screens with an all-new movie starring one of Gotham’s baddest villains. This story explores how the Joker became the criminal mastermind that he is known for today. Despite not falling into the category of ‘Halloween’, it sure is sinister and a great Halloween movie costume option! Joker costumes are a look that will be recreated each year at Halloween. How could we not include it with this new 2019 look?! Apply this new makeup look and show off your new threads like you’re fresh from Arkham State Hospital!

A man wearing a purple Joker suit and a man wearing a red suit.
A still from the movie JOKER with Joaquin Phoenix

Doctor Sleep


Coming this November is a movie based on Stephen King’s The Shining Sequel: Doctor Sleep. No spoilers, but it’s going to be a good one if the cast is anything to go by! Ewan McGregor plays Danny Torrance and we’re expecting a full resurgence of The Shining Twins costumes at Halloween parties across the globe. Costumes below will be coming soon to fancydress.com!

Two twin women wearing The Shining Twins Halloween Movie costumes.

Maleficent 2

Back to the big screen is Angelina Jolie reprising her iconic role as Maleficent. This tale brings a newer and fresher costume with wings, which can easily be added to our Maleficent costume! Simply whip on a full-blown outfit or DIY with a cape, dress and some demonic horns! Watch out for this one in the cinemas this October – Disney will surely smash it!

A woman wearing a Maleficent inspired Sorceress costume.

Annabelle Comes Home

Another doll causing trouble… back at it again this Halloween is the Annabelle doll, originally from The Conjuring. With the release of Annabelle 2, this is a Halloween movie costume that’s getting bigger each year! If you love all things evil spirits, rituals and nightmare-inducing tales, The Conjuring universe is definitely for you. This demonic doll has an official costume, make sure you grab one here to freak out your friends!

Person wearing full length Annabelle Doll Halloween Movie Costume.

The Nun

On the back of Annabelle’s success, The Nun from The Conjuring is another Halloween movie character you can recreate this year. It’s simple, iconic, and you don’t even need any face paint when purchasing the mask.

Person wearing The Nun Costume from The Nun Halloween Movie.

Stranger Things

Yes, we know… it’s not technically a movie, but this Netflix series seriously cannot be left out of this list! Dressing up as any of the Stranger Things characters is sure to be a winner. Why not try out new Eleven from Stranger Things costume? Create your own props with a box of Eggos and a little fake blood for that fresh nose bleed look! Got a partner? Dress them up as Dustin to win the competition!

Woman dressed in pink Eleven dress from Stranger Things.

Zombieland 2: Double Tap

Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone are back this October with another zombie comedy movie. It’s sure to bring resurgence back to zombie fancy dress! View our selection of the best zombie costumes, ideas and inspiration for 2019. With the planned release of ‘The Dead Don’t Die’ starring Selena Gomez and Bill Murray, there will be some fierce zombie outfit competition! Horror movie costumes don’t get easier than this!

Three people dressed in Zombie costumes, including a zombie nurse, zombie prisoner and zombie school boy.

IT: Chapter 2

We’ve saved our personal favourite until last! Number 10 has to be the icon that is Pennywise. Whether you’re a fan of Tim Curry or Bill Skarsgard, Halloween is simply not complete without this murderous clown. Back up from the sewers of Derry after 27 years, Pennywise is hitting the cinemas in IT: Chapter 2. We’re still not over the legend that is Pennywise, which is why we’ve got everything from makeup, masks and costumes for Halloween. Find IT Costumes and clown inspiration for adults, boys and girls amongst our Sinister Circus costumes, making it our most loved Halloween movie costume of 2019.

A person dressed in a Pennywise Clown costume from the IT Movie.

Horror lovers, rejoice! No longer will you be pondering on what to wear this Halloween. Whether you’re in watching a horror movie or have a big spooky night out planned, we’ve got something for you. 2019 is the year to bring your favourite scary movie characters to life at the party. Discover more Halloween costumes by clicking here. Find Halloween happiness for your family by scrolling through our 30 family outfit ideas!


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