5 Ways of Recycling Your Costumes

Buying fancy dress really is all for a bit of fun and games however, it may not always be the best option if you’re on a budget or being eco-conscious with your purchasing. You may buy a fancy dress costume and wear it once, but it’s just not cool to chuck it to landfill. So if you’re at a loss with what to do with old Halloween costumes, or looking for ways to recycle Halloween costumes and more, we’re here to help. It’s 2020 now, so let’s work together to get with the program!

Below we’re discussing 5 easy ways to reuse and methods of recycling your costumes in 2020.

1. Buy with other events in mind and re-wear!

Unlike what Kate may have said in Lizzie McGuire, it’s okay to be an outfit repeater! Just find different ways to spice up your costume with accessories and face paint. And it’s even easier if you’re a mummy looking to reuse your kid’s costumes.

Here are some examples:

  • Zombify anything and everything and re-wear at Halloween

Zombie Disney Princess? Totally on-trend! Zombie Wizard of Oz costumes? Totes unique! Just add some face paint and a splash of blood!

  • Wear it for Halloween – whatever the theme!

Did you know Halloween costumes in America aren’t always scary? The trend is making its way across the pond and the UK are now starting to opt for funny, family-friendly or even a little bit sexy costumes rather than full-blown spooky blood and gore.

  • Reuse your Kids’ World Book Day costumes at Halloween and vice versa!

A witch at Halloween? Recycle your costume by transforming into one of the witches from Roald Dahl’s “The Witches” book – or try reusing your skeleton costume to become one of the characters from the “Funny Bones” books. How about sending your little one out trick-or-treating as an Oompa Loompa or a fairy tale character? Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf are popular for both themes too!

2. Recycle your Roald Dahl Day Costume for World Book Day

Buying for both of these events plus the many other dress-up days at school can be quite hard on your pocket, so why not buy with both in mind? Roald Dahl is always popular for World Book Day, but with his own dedicated day in September now pencilled into the school calendar, you might as well make the most of it before they grow out of them! And we’re fully aware that kids have growth spurts all the time, so why not pass it on down to a younger sibling or family member afterwards? Recycling your costume couldn’t be easier!

3. Hold a school costume swap

You don’t have to be part of the PTA to put forward some good suggestions! This one is super easy, and I’m sure the school won’t mind lending the assembly hall before World Book Day and Halloween to give parents a chance to swap costumes. This can either be completely free to do to save your costumes going to landfill or perhaps pop a couple of pounds into a donation box to allow the school to buy some new equipment or even hold a fun disco for the kids! This is such a simple way of recycling your costume, and can be a regular fundraising event!

4. Donate, Donate, Donate!

You may not get anything in return for this option, but it’s great to give things away to those in need. Perhaps you can give your costumes to one of your favourite charity shops. Whether it’s a Halloween or just a generic costume, someone out there can find use from it! There are hundreds of ways to donate. Why not pop it in a charity/recycling bin at your local shops? Did you know H&M stores give you a voucher in return for old clothing? Find out more on their website! Recycling your costume is so easy on an app! Giving it away for free on Facebook marketplace is SO simple too, just snap a photo the item and state whether it can be collected or delivered and someone in your local area will pop up!

Here are a few other apps/websites that we think are great:

5. Join our costume swap Facebook Group

We’ve created a Facebook group for all of our followers, fans and fellow fancy dress lovers looking to swap, reuse and recycle their current outfits. We want to get you talking about how to become eco-friendly. Swap Halloween Costumes, World book day costumes, Stag & Hen costumes – and discuss easy Halloween costumes ideas and more whilst you’re at it. Whether you want to chat DIY outfits, how to use what you have for a recycled Halloween costume or new ideas for next year, here’s the place to do it. This will be a non-profit group, so please respect the rules! We’re encouraging the nation to have a chat, and we’ll be on stand to provide fresh ideas too. So, join us today by clicking here – it’s never been easier! Fancy some fresh ideas? Take a browse of more of our blogs!

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